Sunday, March 15, 2020


India has done pretty well so far in its fight to contain the nivel Corona Virus. Now we are in *stage 3 - in which Virus spreads through social contacts & in social gatherings.* This is the most critical stage and in this stage the number of confirmed cases *spread exponentially everyday like what happened in Italy between the last week of February & second week of March -  From 300 to 10,000.*

If India is not able to manage this stage for next 3 to 4 weeks then we will be in serious trouble and could be looking at confirmed cases in Lakhs, not thousands. *This next one month is extremely crucial.* That's the reason why most events & public gatherings have been cancelled till the 15th of April.

*Just because schools are closed doesn't mean we succumb to that compulsive travel bug.* 

Holidays will come next year too. *Don't push your luck with Corona virus especially where children are concerned.* 

Marriages, Birthday parties etc can wait. *Also, the feeling of invisibility that nothing will happen to me is pretty dangerous.....*

The next 30 days will be most crucial in the medical History of India. *Follow necessary precautions at home and while outside for important work. Precaution does not mean panic.*

Be a *responsible citizen by following & educating others to remain careful for next one month or so.*