Friday, December 27, 2019

No decision on Capital yet

The AP Cabinet convened to discuss the issue of establishing three capitals for the AP had concluded a while ago. No decision on this is made yet. However, the AP Cabinet, which discussed the report of the GN Rao Committee, has signalled that the BCG Committee is waiting for the report.

The AP government, which has been signalling that it is setting up an administrative capital in Visakhapatnam, there are several reasons behind the postponement of the decision. Amaravati farmers have raised concerns in the wake of the capital evacuation hence there seems to be debated in the AP cabinet on how to satisfy the farmers.

The government is planning to set up an all-party meeting and a special assembly session before it can be taken unilaterally and is planning to set up a hyperpower committee to address the issues of the Amaravati farmers, including the capital evacuation.

For several reasons speculations rounding that the government's decision to declare Visakha as the administrative capital has been postponed. Jagan govt, who is firmly committed to the formation of three capitals for the AP seems to be studying more.